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Professional subcontractor for home renovations in Belgium.

Renovia is a Belgian renovation company that specializes in

renovation of attics, bathrooms and kitchens. For us, quality, professionalism and service are central to everything we do. Our mission? Realizing living dreams and building spaces in which you can really live. because of our growth, we are looking for a passionate

subcontractor who wants to build projects with us to be proud of.

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What are we looking for:

  • You reside in Belgium or want to work in Belgium.

  • You have a team of 3 to 4 employees.

  • You are strong in bathroom or attic renovations and can also carry out larger renovations completely independently.

  • At least one person in your team speaks Dutch, English or French.

  • You have the following skills: plastering, plumbing pipes, limited electrical works.

What do we offer:

  • A professional approach and good organization guarantee work throughout the year.

  • If you do not yet live in Belgium, we will guide you and your employees in the search for a place to live.

  • It can be agreed to return to Poland for ten days after one or more renovations have been completed

Convinced or do you still have questions?
Contact us for a no-obligation quote
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Ready to dream?

Our realizations speak to your imagination


Looking for inspiration for your living dream or curious about what you can expect from us? Be sure to take a look at our realizations and discover what is possible.

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